• Michele Bazzani Band

    music inspired by the heartbeat

  • Michele Bazzani Band

    music inspired by the heartbeat

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    The Gentleman and the Band

    Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Michele loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. Ever since a young age, Michele has found great joy and satisfaction in making music and sharing it with fans and people all over the world. Michele, born in Carrara Italy, has a special talent for the music that came out of African people’s experiences in the Americas. At age 9 its first keyboard-toy enabled him to access the rudiments of the art.

    A wide array of talented musicians make up Michele Bazzani Band all bringing a passion and a desire to share music that is felt with every note played. 

    Today Michele works in the New York City area with five other bands that all offer different genres of music. Michele Bazzani Band’s music, a jazzy blend of Latin, R&B and other influences is available on the newly released  album titled "Journey Through Existence"


    At 11 Michele fell in love with James Brown's 70's syncopated style which used the conga drum in a way that inspired him deeply. At age 17, after several years of experience with the conga and other african-related drums, he first heard a jazz-fusion band Weather Report and that's when his attention switched to the drums kit. After meeting with a fellow saxophonist they started a jazz workshop band, named The First Level, that brought Michele Bazzani to the manage the basics of the jazz language. In the 90's he moved to Milan where under the likes of Oswaldo Rodriguez Ugueto and Orlando Watussi, started an intense 9 year experience with Salsa and Rumba music. In 2001 he moved to New York with the intent of refining his skills and to record his own music, while being close to the cultures that inspired his passion for music.






    One of the amazing bands that highlights Michele's latin side is La Maquina Amarilla. A high energy group of musicians that take you on a musical journey that you literally have to dance your way through while it transports you to exotic locations through MUSICA!  

The Bazzani Experience

See us live! Here’s a list of our upcoming shows.


December 15th  Havana Central

630 old country rd. Garden City NY NY

December 19th  Papillon 25

25 valley st south Orange NJ

February 8th 2020 Papillon 25

25 valley st south Orange NJ






Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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